Student at the front desk of the Office of Residence and Student Life applying for a music pass.

An advantage of the college system at the Faculty of Arts & Science is that colleges provide their students with a wide range of services and supports to help students achieve academic and personal goals while they attend U of T. At New College, students can rely on the Registrar’s Office to provide information about academic matters, get support from the Writing Centre and learn research strategies at the D.G. Ivey Library. The Office of Residence and Student Life offers a wide range of programming throughout the year. Services are available to all New College students during their degree studies.

The Registrar’s Office

When students have a question and aren’t sure who to ask, chances are the Registrar’s Office can help them.

The New College Registrar’s Office is a central hub of information, for help with course and program selection, academic guidance, financial advice and much more. Students can drop in or schedule a one-on-one appointment with one of our academic advisors. Our friendly and well-informed staff are able to answer their questions or direct them to the person who can.

The range of support services offered by the Registrar’s Office includes:

  • course enrolment and registration,
  • information about degree requirements,
  • advice about learning and study skills,
  • guidance on adjusting to life at university,
  • grant and scholarship applications, and
  • appeals or petitions for special consideration.

The Office of Residence and Student Life

The Office of Residence and Student Life at New College is concerned about the life of students outside the classroom. The more a student puts into their time at U of T, the more they will gain from it. Though academic studies will be students’ priority during their time here at U of T, life at the university is about so much more than attending lectures and preparing for exams only.

Student Life and Leadership programming at New College exists to provide students with programs, resources and opportunities to venture outside the classroom. The events and programs we offer are aimed at helping students find their niche, discover their leadership potential, build their resumé and make social connections, all while they enjoy their time as a student and receive support to succeed.

We encourage students to get involved with one or more of the Office of Residence and Student Life’s many offerings: volunteer opportunities, leadership training, workshops, mentoring, sports, student clubs, social nights and much more.

English Language Learning (ELL)

The ELL Program provides support with academic English development for multilingual undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences in areas of reading, writing and oral communication skills. ELL011H Intensive Academic English, a free non-credit intensive course, is offered twice a year: in late April/early May and late August. Weekly Communication Cafes are a great way to learn new vocabulary, practice making effective presentations, learn how to communicate with professors and TAs and make friends with people who want to speak English with you. This is also a chance to earn a Certificate of Participation, which will be noted on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

Keeping on top of the readings for courses can be not only time consuming but also a challenge. Their taking part in the Reading eWriting initiative allows students to develop more effective reading and writing skills by exchanging emails about readings of their choice with a writing instructor. Students can join the English Language Learning Student Association (ELLSA) for further opportunities to become engaged in campus life and develop English skills while making friends. Students of all levels of English ability are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Visit the English Language Learning Program webpage for more information.

On-Location Advisors

New College offers a range of on-location advisors who are available to help with the transition into first year.

  • Learning Strategist Our learning strategist offers guidance on how to develop sustainable study habits, prepare for exams, tackle heavy reading loads, overcome writer’s block, craft research projects, navigate academic culture and make the most of online tools for learning and collaborating.
  • Career Educator The New College Career Educator can meet with students to help revise and develop their resumé, teach interview techniques, explore long term career options and assist with job searches.
  • International Student Advisor Professionals from the Centre for International Experience offer advice about housing, employment, socializing, international exchange opportunities and getting involved on campus—especially for our international students. Our advisor can also work with domestic students to plan study-abroad opportunities.
  • Accessibility Services Students can meet with an Accessibility Services (AS) advisor for help and support to register with AS and create an accommodation plan. The AS Advisors can help facilitate accommodations plans with student’s instructors and staff.
  • Counselling (Health and Wellness) Students can meet with a counsellor from Health and Wellness for short term counselling on a wide-range of concerns, such as relationship problems, interpersonal issues, depression and anxiety.