Acronym for Accessible Online Campus Resource Network, an online tool for students. ACORN is also known as the Student Web Services (SWS). Students use ACORN to add, cancel and waitlist courses, see final grades and confirm intention to graduate. Students can view their entire academic record, request or declare programs (minors, majors, specialists), order transcripts, update their contact information and view their financial account balances.

Bachelor’s Degree

The Bachelor’s Degree is what you will receive from the Faculty of Arts & Science upon completing your university studies as an undergraduate student. Students have the option of completing an Honours Bachelor of Arts, Honours Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Commerce degree. 

Breadth Requirement

Breadth requirements are degree requirements that ensure all students graduating with an honours degree from the Faculty of Arts & Science have completed courses across a broad range of subjects as part of their undergraduate education.


The official Faculty of Arts & Science listing of degrees, programs, course descriptions and Faculty of Arts & Science rules and regulations.


A co-requisite course must be taken at the same time as another course. E.g., MAT135H (first-year Calculus) is a co-requisite for PHY131H (first-year Physics). 

Fee Deferral

A fee deferral indicates a financial arrangement that enables qualified students to register without making the minimum required payment. Students who qualify for OSAP or other student loans are usually eligible for a fee deferral.

Full Course Equivalent (FCE)

Full course equivalents (FCE) refer to the number of credits that are within a course. A full credit course (1.0 FCE) is indicated by a Y designation (e.g., ENG140Y). A half credit course (0.5 FCE) is indicated by an H designation (e.g., MAT135H). 

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The GPA  system is used by the Faculty of Arts & Science to determine your academic standing at the end of each session. 

Cumulative GPA (CGPA)

An average grade for all the courses you have taken.

Sessional GPA (SGPA)

An average grade for all the courses taken in any one session—Fall and Winter, or Summer.

Annual GPA (AGPA)

An average grade for all courses taken in the Fall and Winter session together.


A prerequisite course must be successfully completed in order for you to be qualified to take a specific course. 

Recommended Preparation

Course(s) recommended to acquire advantageous background material. Recommended courses are not required. 


The official University of Toronto student identification card. It includes the student’s photograph and student number. The TCard is used for student identification across the university for multiple essential purposes. 


An official record of all courses taken and grades obtained. Students can make transcript requests on ACORN. 


A student’s username used with a password to log in to various online academic support services and in computer labs.

UTmail+ Account

A student’s individual U of T email address and the primary manner by which the University will contact students. It is mandatory for all U of T students to record this email address on ACORN.