How do I pay my fees?

For payments within Canada, tuition and residence fees can be paid through a Canadian bank account either through online banking or in person. There is no additional charge from U of T for this. You can also use a credit card to make a payment through ACORN, but there is a 2.5% service charge on the payment amount.

Instructions on making a payment within Canada are available.

What if I’m paying from outside Canada?

The University of Toronto has partnered with WU GlobalPay for Students to allow students from countries other than Canada to make a Canadian-dollar payment in the currency of choice at a local bank, at a competitive exchange rate and with no transaction charges from WU GlobalPay or the University of Toronto.

Find more information about how to pay from outside Canada by visiting the Make a Fee Payment from Outside of Canada webpage. 

How do I know if my fee payment has been received by the University?

You’ll be able to see your fee payments on ACORN in the financial account section. Payments typically take 3–5 business days to be processed. 

When should I apply for government funding?

If you intend to apply for provincial funding such as OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program), submit your application online as early as possible and by June 15. It takes 8–10 weeks for processing.

For more information on provincial funding, please visit Provincial and Territorial Student Aid Programs.

When is my OSAP released?

OSAP is applied to your student fees account in the first week of classes in both September and January. In September, 60% of your total OSAP is released, and in January the remaining 40% is released. 

If you are receiving other provincial funding you will need to make a payment directly as these are not applied to your student fees account.

What kind of financial aid is available at New College?

Bursaries and grants (non-repayable) are available to students who qualify for OSAP, funding from another province or territory or from a First Nations band. Apply online through ACORN as of the first day of classes in September. 

What is UTAPS?

University of Toronto Advance Planning for Students (UTAPS) is a financial aid program for full-time domestic students who are eligible for a government student loan. For students who are assessed by OSAP (or other provincial loans) as requiring maximum assistance and whose assessed need is not fully covered by the student loan, the University will ensure that the unmet need is met through a UTAPS grant. 

What is a fee deferral?

If you are receiving a government student loan or band funding, you may be able to defer your fees without making the minimum payment required to register. A fee deferral is a special arrangement between you and the University if you are unable to make the minimum tuition payment. Students who qualify for a fee deferral do so with the understanding that this arrangement temporarily delays their need to make their tuition payment until their student aid funding arrives. 

Can I pay with my scholarship?

If you are receiving a scholarship that is worth more than your minimum required payment, you may be able to defer your fees without making the minimum payment required to register. Submit a copy of your award letter, a completed deferral form and a copy of your Fees Invoice to the Office of Student Accounts. The deferral form is available online. Remember to make payments for any fee balance remaining.