New College loves to say hi to incoming students in-person through our Welcome Days and we are excited to welcome students and families back into our New College space on Saturday, June 3 2023.

Note: If you are a parent or guardian please have your student sign up and include you in the “support persons” section.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at


Registration is open for the Saturday, June 3, 2023 New College Welcome Day.

  • Morning Cohort: 9AM-1PM EST
  • Afternoon Cohort: 12PM-4PM

Please note the afternoon and morning programs will offer the same content, with an overlap of offerings between 12pm-1pm for both programs. The 12-1pm component is optional.

To keep capacity down due to COVID-19 safety, we are limiting students to 2 support people each to join them during the Welcome Day program.

Click here to register for Welcome Day.

Coming Soon: For those that could not attend Welcome Day, a recording of the presentation on How to Support Your New College Student will be posted in the upcoming weeks.